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Burstow Parish Council first came into existence in 1895 when it was joined with Horne and Outwood to form a Parish Council. In more recent times the three areas separated and each now has its own Council.

Burstow Parish Council consists of eleven Councillors who are elected by the public, every four years. The Councillors work as a corporate body, making decisions for the benefit of the community and collectively have statutory responsibilities for certain aspects of the Parish.

The Council is the first tier of governance for residents and the first point of contact for anyone concerned with a community issue.

The aim of the Council is to represent the interests of local residents with outside bodies such as District and County Councils, especially in areas such as planning and highways. We also try to work closely with these bodies to ensure our residents receive the best possible service.

The Parish Council meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month (except August) at either 6.30pm or 6:45pm depending on how many planning applications are on the Planning agenda. Meetings normally take place in the Outwood Room of the Centenary Hall.

Residents of the Parish have the right to attend any of these meetings, and are actively welcomed by the Council. Residents always have the opportunity to raise questions or concerns they may have about any items on the agenda for that meeting.

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