Burstow Parish Council

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14/02/2024 - Smallfield Village Car Park

Official opening times 
07:45 - 19:15 Mon - Fri
09:00 - 17:00 Sat, Sun and Public Holidays

The opening coincides with the start of the Wheelers Lane/Redehall Road Junction roadworks.

Natural grass car parks are designed to be sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. The car park is in the Green Belt. To reduce the visual impact a concrete grid system was used. The ‘pockets’ within the grid have been filled with soil and will be seeded with grass. A grass car park provides a natural looking, free-draining and reinforced grass surface that can withstand the rigours of vehicles driving over it. In an ideal world we would wait until the grass had fully grown before opening the car park. However, needs must and with the road safety improvement work starting, Council has taken a decision to open the car park immediately. Over the next 12 months we may, at times, close off small areas of the car park to allow grass to grow. Once a section has matured, we will then move to a different section. Only a small roadside section of the school playing field is to be used for parking. We hope the parking will allow the School to use the playing field more often.